Dunster Deer Park Poetry Pin

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Bats Castle Walk
The White Hind
Boat Prayers to the God of
The Elusive Mystery of the Field-Ant Hills
Pull Down the Moor
Boar the Moor
The Deer Park
Advent poem for Horse Pond
Dark Flecks
Star Parts
Vitamin S


The goal of Dunster Deer Park Poetry Pin is to share and discover poetry by walking with your device in a localised zone.

Each pin on the map represents a poem.
To read, just walk over to a pin.
The poem's title will then appear in the "Unlocked Poems" list.
Tap the title to read.

To add your own poetry, tap the "Add Poem" button in the top right.
Your device must have a data connection and you must be within the zone at the time of writing.